Sowing Fall Seed

by sarahmfry, October 08, 2007
Having a “mud pie party” before we seed a new lawn in the back yard. PLEASE don't tell my husband that one of these delicious mudpies ended up in the fridge....but she put foil over it first! And also, please don't tell him that Karissa actually took a spoonful on her plate and tasted it!

This "lawn" (the bare spot in our back yard left after an old garage was torn down) is destined for bigger and better things – an addition to the church parking lot is planned in this spot. But we’ll just see what we can grow until then….

Mom did the ground prep when my folks were here recently.

Sowing the seed

Spreading the straw

But soon my helpers deserted me for more interesting activities:

Making a “straw house” (oh, that tummies stayed that cute!)

Making a birds nest – which happened to get some eggs, which hatched into two baby birds.

They named them Andrew and Sally.

As they were arguing over which was which, I heard Kayla say:

"No I pick. I’m the mommy and the mommy is the boss!" (She’s still developing her theology of submission. What can I say....?)

And of course, we had to all play in the water as we soaked the seed.

the finished product…

Now all we have to do is water daily, sit back and wait. (But don’t get your hopes up too high….I have a black thumb.)

We went inside itchy, dirty and that happy ‘outside-tired’ – the kind of tired you get after swimming or hiking.

Ahhh…warm baths, sweet-smelling babies and story time!

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