The last one to respond

by sarahmfry, October 17, 2007
Well, I’ve was “tagged” weeks ago by Bobbie, Jenny and Michelle. Hmmm…..lets see.

First, the most hilarious blog about this whole tagging frenzy can be found here. And now, the random facts about me you've all been waiting for with bated breath. (That makes it sound like you've been eating worms or something.) As if I don't already tell you more about me than you would ever care to know......

1. I was planning to be a medical Doctor, and my husband was planning to be a Lawyer. But we decided to make lots of money instead. (Part of my heart is still in the medical field. Part of it’s on the mission field. I’m bad with decisions.)

2. I love to snorkel & bungee jump. Actually, I love all kinds of exercise (biking, jogging, aerobics, kickboxing, hiking) but you wouldn’t know it by looking at my unique 4’10” x 4’10” frame. They say it’s humanly impossible to be as wide as you are tall. Witness, my friends, a walking miracle.

3. I used to be a star football player. One day, the ball landed in my arms and I took off running toward the goal. What a feeling - the wind whipping past my speedy form as the teams struggled to keep up. Then I turned around and saw them literally falling on the ground with laughter. Yes - I was running towards the opposite team's goal. On that very same playground I had another embarrassing moment. I had borrowed somone's slip for the day. While I was doing my recess thing, my slip began to slip and continued slipping all the way around my ankles. My trusty girlfriends created a huddle of protection around me while I tried to figure out if I should pull it up or take it off. The guys told me later the huddle concealed nothing.

4. I’m disgusted by gossip (loosely defined by me as: unnecessarily saying something that does not lift a person up to someone else.)

5. I’m REALLY bad at drawing. Like terrible. Can’t even draw stick figures. I’m also really terrible at potty training.

6. I used to be very into Victorian decorating. My decorating style has made a pretty drastic turn around. I don't think you could find a piece of lace in my house if you tried. My entire pepto-bismal-pink room used to be draped in it. I just think it’s weird that I’ve changed so much. (Not at ALL bashing this rich and timeless style...I think I just burnt myself out on it and started experimenting.)

7. I have (blush) secretly dreamed of singing for a Disney movie. (But not the ones with witches and demons and homosexuality and stuff...)

7 ½ I’ve always been a scaredy-cat. I actually prop things up against the doors and create these noisy barricades sometimes when my husband is out of town. (Great - now the bad guys know my trick.)

7 ¾ My son just walked in chewing on a razor. I love motherhood.

Okay. That’s totally enough self-disclosure for the moment.

If you haven't yet embarrassed yourself with 7 random facts on the world wide web, consider yourself tagged by Sarah. I can't keep track of who's tagged and who's not.

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