Information Starvation

by sarahmfry, September 23, 2007

What is a good recipe using up some extra peanut butter, marshmallow crème and almonds taking up cabinet space? (ingredients search)

What do lightning bugs eat?

What is a good restaurant I can reserve within walking distance of a certain hotel in a nearby large city?

How much is my next visa bill going to be?

What is my sister doing – and what is she wearing - at this precise moment, (5 hours later) in Northern Ireland?

What is a good, inexpensive recipe for homemade laundry detergent that won’t irritate the baby’s skin?

What quote should I put up on the wall next month in our room at school?

Did that babysitting check clear yet?

I shamelessly admit – I rely heavily on the information superhighway. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe in cookbooks and encyclopedia books and dictionaries – they get used quite often around here. But there’s nothing like having the entire world at your very fingertips. Practically anything I could wonder about can be addressed in some way by sitting down at my laptop.

I miss it. Oh, how desperately I miss it. We’re waiting on a couple of slow-coming technical issues to be completed before we can caress the world with our fingertips once again. At this point, we can occasionally get access if we take the computer outside and plug it up in the storage nook.
You can guess how often THAT happens. So we just sneak into people's houses while they're sleeping and log on for awhile.

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