He fills the longing soul with good things. Ps. 107:9


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Happy Dance


Oh yeah.

Goody Goody!

Silly songs.

sMilEy fAcE.

Ahem and ahoom. (as Tigger would say)

I would like to announce that we once again, in our own home, at our own desk, at our own computers…..have the

One of my problems has always been not being able to express emotion. Can you tell I’m happy? Can you hear the great sigh of relief, the belting strains of the Doxology and Oh, Say But I’m Glad?

I told the guy who fixed our internet (my brilliant sort-of-cousin-through-lots-of-marriage) that he narrowly escaped a big hug from me when I first saw him work his magic and a yahoo page popped up on my computer.

I think he was relieved that I contained myself.

I write to think. And I think as I write. And I write when I think. So I have a few words I’ve saved up for you during the dark, internet-less days of the recent past. Feel free not to read them. I tried to post them in general chronological order.

Here are the saved-up titles in case you want to skip to the most thrilling. : ) Basically, all of the posts in September are the new ones.

Spiritual Muscle
Happy Pills
When People Hurt You
Eagle Creek Date
What are You Trying to Teach Me?!
Kayla, Kindergarten, and the Kingdom
Daddy's Home!
Da Blues
Family Night
Information Starvation

Welcome back, me!
Dixie said...

Welcome Back!

Valorie said...

Girl, it's great to have you back. I will slowly slog my way through your "back" articles :-) Totally understand the need to vent -- words! Love to you and yours!

Jody J said...

I'm glad you kept writing even though you didn't have internet. I LOVE to read what you have to say. A lot of times it is exactly what I'm feeling, but I can't put into words. Thanks!

jenny said...

In honor of your return...I tag you!

You've been "tagged" to share 7 random thoughts. Tara tagged me...now I'm passing the love on! See my blog if you have questions.

So glad your back...can't wait to read up on your new posts but right now my husband is waiting for me to get back in the kitchen and finish painting!!!

Michelle said...

Hmm - I see you've been tagged already. Oh well, you are loved and we want to know more about you, I guess! My tag is the same as Jenny's.

Glad you're back!

Angie Davis said...

Thanks goodness! If we'd had to wait any longer for you to get back online, I think it would have killed us all. I love to read your writing!

Tamra said...

Soooo glad you are back with us! We have missed you terribly. Enjoy reading your "true-to-life" posts. Glad things are going better for you.

Sharlyn said...

Hugs, hugs, hugs, my dear. I saw your parents yesterday. I talked to your mother for just a minute and told her how much I enjoyed your blog and that I thought a lot of you.

Awesome posts. It's so good to have you back online.

Thankfully, I don't struggle with depression on a daily basis but have had intermittent struggles with varying levels of severity. The blackness is overwhelming.

Someone pointed out that in Pilgrim's Progress, he experiences the Slough of Despair (Despondency?). A wise person told Christian that he had "been to the bottom and it was solid." I don't know how to say it clearly, but I have found such comfort in that at times.

~Heather~ said...

Welcome back, Sarah, we missed you! I'm sooooo glad that you are in your own home and have internet on your own computer! I know the feeling, since we had to drag our 3 children to those nasty internet cafes here for 2 years until we got internet in our home last Feb. YEA!! We felt like shooting hallelujah!! =D
Soooo HAPPY for you!

Thanks again for the Shar music page, it's wonderful!!
Love, Heather =)

Nicole Cassady said...

Welcome! As you can tell, you have been sorely missed! So glad you are back with us!
My early (for me) rising hour (4:45) this morning has allowed me to read through all of your previous writings! I enjoyed them and could empathize with you on more than you might think! We ALL struggle with things at one time or another! And for goodness sake, remodeling a house is enough to drive a sane woman crazy! (I know!) I'm looking forward to enjoying your thoughts on paper (online) again! And regardless of that devious clock reader, I am NOT online at 3:47 am! It's early, but not THAT early! :-)

Sayler Family Blog said...

Sarah, thanks for your honesty. It helps and it's very refreshing. Glad things are on the uplook. I was happy to discover your blog.
Kim (Zimmer) Sayler

Heidi said...

So glad you're back! I LOVE to read your blog. You are every bit as REAL as your wonderful mother!! I enjoy everything you write even though I can't relate to all the kid stuff as I don't have any, but may have to archive this and pull it all out later when my kids get here! :) Great lessons!

Sarah Cook said...

You've been tagged... check out my blog for details. Glad you are back, by the way!

Dixie said...

Just thought I would share this link with you for those times when you are outside and your dictionary isn't accessible.


Kim M. said...

Sarah I love your blog. Glad you are back!

Martha C said...

Ugh! Life without Internet - double ugh! So, yes, I may get more accomplished if I did not have it, but it certainly keeps me from getting homesick in this far, far away land of SC.

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