Eagle Creek Date

by sarahmfry, September 23, 2007
We had a wonderful, desperately needed date for my 30th birthday. We combined two of our hobbies: kayaking and birdwatching. Eagle Creek Lake has a wonderful bird sanctuary. We pulled our kayaks up into the marsh and watched the masses of birds all around us. (Trying to ignore the one other kayaking couple off in the end of the marsh who were almost definitely NOT watching the birds!)

I noticed throughout the dock area there were an amazing number of couples showing affection to one another. Maybe it was just a common kissing point, but I think I have a better theory. These weren’t 15-year old kids hangin’ out with their highschool boyfriends. They were couples spending time together on purpose. I think that there is a connection between the couples who take time alone together and those who still have affection to show. Just a theory.

In case you’re wondering, we didn’t sit around on the dock smooching. But we had an awesome time. And on the way home I got my first experience with Ritters ice cream. Definitely bad stewardship, but awesome ice cream!

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