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Helloooo, Friends!

I'm so sorry I haven't let you know where I've been. We don't have internet yet. Long and boring story.... So I've been grabbing a moment here or there whenever I can borrow someone's computer. But I usually only have time to read a few emails. I'm a little nervous that I have a bout 5,280 emails to answer whenever I am online again.

So I miss you all. It was so good to see some blogging friends at the Miller/Mater wedding. Thank you for missing me. I haven't been feeling very missable. And thank you for all the online hugs and poems and hellos.

Don't you worry - I'm saving up some words and doing some journaling. I'll be back one of these years. In fact - brace yourselves, girls. I have been bountifully graced with about 3 times the normal female allotment of daily words. And I've been home alone with 3 little kids for 9 weeks while David learned theological German in Chicago. That's a lot of saved up words.....

Better run. We're trying to switch our kid's sleeping schedules from "summer of the nightmare" to "get all the kids up at 6:30 for school." We're already 23 minutes late for bedtime and we're not even home.

Hugs! (Ignore that if you're not a girl.)
sankey family said...

Well, I must say, Sarah...that was a very long absence and I have missed your blogging terribly. So glad you're back..Feel free to "cash in" your words with me anytime...smiles...
Hugs back!

Angie Davis said...

I love wordy women! It's been so nice having you in Frankfort. We need to "share some words" over coffee soon.

Michael & Ruth Anne Arnold said...

We've been checking and checking, but, alas, nothing new here. Great to hear from you. We'll keep watching for more.

Leanna Pitcher said...

I've been checking and checking, but I understand the no internet. There was a big pause in my blogging this summer as well, due to getting internet at our house. Good to hear from you.

Kimberly said...

I HAVE missed you..isn't this blogging world funny that way! If I could only figure out how to set up that goggle thing that informs me when there's something new...in the meantime..will just keep checking and checking..Because I like what you have to say! I'm wishing you calmer days ahead!

Nicole Cassady said...

WELCOME BACK! I was sure you had vanished for good!

Carrie said...

I've missed reading your posts, and am glad you've grabbed a moment!

I'm looking forward to your "word regurgitation"! :)

katies said...


Sharlyn said...

Happy dance!!!!
(In your absence, I have adopted the term "My Abba," it's such a warm and loving term. Hope you don't mind!

Valorie said...


Hey, girl....glad to hear from you! So glad you're on this side of the moving scene...been there; done that. I love reading your blog -- don't worry about the verbosity -- we women can handle it! Would love to see you.


Sarah Cook said...

Enjoy reading your blog, Sarah... glad to see the new post. I know what it is like to be dying to talk to friends... someone older than three. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but we women certainly need that verbal, social time!

~Heather~ said...

Glad to get an update from you...Thanks for posting! We do miss you, and hope that things get more settled soon, so you can post more often.

Love, Heather =)

Liz said...

Oh, Sarah! Glad you're back. I'm home and back to "normal." Please call and use some words on me sometime! Hugs to you too!

Janella said...

SOOOO GLAD TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!Please bless us with your "words".OH how I have missed them! Hope everything is moving along wonderfully:)Love, Janella

Lavy Country said...

Just stopped in to say "hi". Had my share of being busy lately, too. Hope things slow down and get back to normal -- if there is such a state -- I wouldn't know. Take care, Wilma

jenny said...

Didn't know David was doing German--remind him to call if we can ever be a help. We've been out of town but are returned and gearing up for school to start Tuesday.

Been missing you!

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