Moving Day....Again....Sortof

by sarahmfry, July 04, 2007
Well - this week we have started the process of moving in. yay. We've moved in a couple of loads when our wonderful brother-in-law could bring his trailor. The rest of it we're taking one car and van load at a time. It was so fun, getting our beds set up watching the kids crawl all over them. And we found Kirsten, Kayla's American Girl doll who has been very cramped and lonely living in a box for 6 or 7 weeks. It's amazing how quickly a house shrinks when you put stuff in it.

We're actually hanging pictures and emptying boxes today. There's still a small mountain in the bus barn, but this is exciting progress. I think tomorrow night may be our first night "home." This week we had our first meal together - I slaved over a can of ravioli and the 5 of us gathered around the table with our paper bowls. It was good to do our dinnertime routine again - a practice that is sortof a defining thing for our little family. When we recited the creed, Kayla just cracked up. "How do we DO this?" She laughed. "It's been so long, we don't even know how it goes!" We fudged our way through the end of the creed and gobbled down our canned ravioli. Ah, familyness.

We went to Uncle Danny and Aunt Gwen's for a 4th party last night. There were some whopping fireworks, but another all-nighter has reduced me to a blabbering idiot. It was priceless, sitting in my camp chair all wrapped up in a blanket with my two girls - talking about stars and heaven and what makes firecrackers go and stuff. We froze our sitters, though. Whoda thunk? In July! Guess we're still used to the Alabama heat. We're off to another shindig as soon as the kids wake up. We got smart tonight - with hot cocoa and jackets.

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