What We've Been Up To

by sarahmfry, June 05, 2007
These are the "BEFORE" pictures.

I didn't have time to explain yesterday when I posted them - we were at Trinity in Chicago, and I just had enough time to upload a few pics.
This house was recently purchased by the church, and is right behind the parking lot. We've been working on it for 2 weeks, and are really excited about the potential.

Kitchen (window looking out towards the back yard and church - so I can see the kids when they ride bikes in the parking lot)

Living room: (no - the stove and fridge won't stay there! The door straight ahead is to the dining room - which is now painted "crushed seed" red!!!)

View from Back entry way and stairs to the basement (laundry). I'm working on creative ways to make this wall space cute and useful - any ideas? I'm planning to have Dad Fry make me some kind of board to lay across the back of the stairs so I can get to the wall space without killing myself. I have flat-backed woven baskets to hang on the walls for cute storage. I recently saw an idea of actually mounting bookshelves on a wall for storage.

Kitchen: (Hilarious note - the ceilings were dropped or something, so the previous tenants just cut off the tops of the cabinets! You can see the shortened cabinet door tops.) These cabinets are really tall, which will be useful, but that makes the counter space VERY short, so I don't think any of my cabinet appliances will fit (bread machine, juicer, coffee pot, etc.) I'm thinking about one of those stainless steel storage shelves from Wally World.

What child labor laws?

This picture does not fully express the condition of the tub and shower. But they cleaned up much better than I expected and are now white and shiny! (Stay tuned for "AFTER" pictures) We were also able to salvage the toilet after scraping the layer of paint off. (What were those people thinking?)

Basement (note the old fashioned ringer washer. Can you believe I actually remember doing laundry with one of these?) We still need to scrub, paint, dehumidify, replace furnace, finish installing washer and dryer, etc. I use the term "we" broadly here - I'll only be involved in the scrubbing and painting. I shudder to think of what would happen if I were involved in the furnace installation and plumming work....!

Special, loving, wonderful thoughts to David's family. All of them have been working on the house, and Debbie and Mom have kept the kids for countless hours while I worked on the house. I sure lucked out in the in-laws category, huh? They took off work to come down to Alabama and move us, then came back and without even a day off, went back to their normal jobs PLUS our little house project. We love them!!!

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