Hazelnut Iced Coffee Insomnia

by sarahmfry, June 22, 2007
I made the monumentally stupid mistake of trying McD's Iced Coffee on my way to getting groceries after 8:00 tonight!! So after buying and putting away over a hundred dollars worth of groceries, doing dishes & laundry, showering, and taking care of my family - including one 5-year-old with an extremely painful bruised or fractured tush.....I was rewarded with insomnia.

So I flipped on the lamp to try reading (husband grumbled), sat on the floor in our one-room home watching my 3 beautiful babies sleep (didn't work), wondered if I'll be skinny by our next Christmas card picture (yeah right), wondered how we'll get the dog to sit still for the picture (subject for another blog), talked to my Abba (mind wandered), asked Him to show me why my insides are so jumbled lately (not managing my stress very well), wondered if Kayla's fanny is just bruised or actually fractured (maybe xrays tomorrow), scootched my hubby over to try sleeping again (he's used to sleeping alone all week in Chicago - took the center of the bed!), then talked to you in my head for while.

Then I gave in, snapped my robe on inside out and came down to say howdy.
It just occured to me how absolutely bizarre it is that I just told all of that to anyone who is bored enough to stop by this blog. Sorry to not reward you with something earth-shattering.

I have been reminded today so keenly to live for today - not in a hedonistic, godless sort of way. But isn't it easy to always be working or living or saving or thinking ahead? Don't get me wrong, I'm all about forward thinking. But I'm reminded by that we don't have the guarantee of tomorrow with our loved ones. And in all of my doing and being and working and planning, I'd better remember to live today. To kiss my babies and my husband and talk to my Abba and call my family and remember that today is the most important day I can live. So Carpe Diem, friends. Put your arms around your husband (or wife), crawl around on the floor with your kids (uuh....unless they're teenagers), and let your insides relax and enjoy today.

I won't be able to take my own brilliant advice if this Premium Iced Coffee doesn't leave me alone soon. Maybe some chocolate would counteract the coffee. Don't have any or I'd try it.

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