Chicago and Friends

by sarahmfry, June 06, 2007
Yesterday David needed to make an unplanned trip to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS) in Chicago to finalize some things before he starts 9 weeks of German on Monday. So we met with some friends - Tom and Jenny McCall -- and made a day of it. Tom is a brilliant but down-to-earth professor of theology at the Divinity School. Jenny and I have become acquainted through blogging and email. They have 4 beautiful, well-behaved kids, ages 7 mo to 6 yrs. They provided a delicious and nutritious picnic, which we at at TEDS. Then we braved Chicago traffic and made our way to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry to take advantage of "free days."

The museum is amazing. Everything from a massive submarine to a walk-through heart to a fantastical fairy castle. All seven kids did very well, despite tiredness and no naps. I think my favorite exhibit was the embryos. They had a real specimen of each stage of fetal development from conception to birth. Amazing and powerful. Kayla also really loved that exhibit. She's learning about some of the facts of life, and wishes she could be present when we have a baby. (yikes!)

We had wonderful fellowship. Jenny is one of those beautiful people who makes you happy and at ease when you're with her. They also understand in a unique way the challenges of balancing family, ministry and post grad education at the same time. They are a deeply principled and home-focused family - a trait David and I have come to value and search out in friendships.

And we had a wonderful day of conversation, food, and fun. Kayla chased alligators and climbed trees with the boys while Abby and Karissa played house or princess or something under the picnic table.

We're blessed to have such friends. (Pics later!)

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