A birthday and a new baby Fry

by sarahmfry, June 22, 2007
Big news: In my blogging absence my baby girl turned 5!


To celebrate this monumental occasion, we adopted a pound from the dog. (Did I mention I'm tired). A dog from the pound. A 6-month old German Shepherd puppy, to be exact. His name is Spencer and he is wonderful. The humane society people think that he is full bred, based on the breeder who dropped him off and his drooping ears, which don't sell as well as pointy ones.

It was a huge deal, this doggy business. Alex helped me pick him up and we hid him from Kayla until the day we celebrated her birthday. We put blindfolds on the girls, hid him around the side of the house - the works. Her reaction was worth it all. She's been fervently praying for a dog for probably at least a year. She would pray for "a new house with a dog." One out of two isn't bad.

In fact, when she blew out her candles right before the whole blindfolded deal, we asked her what she wished for...... "A dog."

She squealed with such delight when she saw him. She's doing well at taking care of him. He's huge for a puppy (gonna be a big dude), and she's been knocked over and scratched. But she's hanging in there - learning to be the boss with him. She says she likes it when he takes off running when she's walking him - says he's "giving her a ride." That's an understatement. Kayla's strong and fast, but this puppy has her beat. I have to stay very close or he drags her around.

Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking...bringing a large smelly animal into the family who I must help feed and bathe and walk and take to the vet on Monday. But I have a 5-year old animal lover who goes out to be with her puppy every morning to remind me why I did such a thing.....

You thought I was gonna say I was expecting a new baby Fry, didn't you? No way! hee hee

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