by sarahmfry, May 17, 2007
What a day. I was happily surprised when I came to the computer for a little winding-down time while my hair dries that it is only 15 minutes past my normal bedtime!! It all started at 5:30 am. We finished up the loose ends of packing and most of the cleaning. I am always amazed at how incredible it is to work with other women! David's dad, mom, sister and brother are here helping and they worked like a pack of wild animals. lol.

We got the truck around noon, and everything went along swimmingly for a few hours. We packed slowly, trying to fill every nook and cranny of that huge truck. But then as the hours wore on, it became apparent that everything was NOT going to fit. I made a dripping faucet of myself, reminding that we needed to make some decisions if things weren't going to fit. But as the truck filled up and the house emptied out, things sorta fell apart.

I realized rather quickly that something drastic would have to be done. So I started carrying a few things out to the curb that hadn't sold at our yard sale. I put really cheap prices on them, and people dropped by and started buying. But then as the truck kept filling, I had to make really hard decisions and start putting out my STUFF. My beautiful desk, perfectly good tubs had to be emptied out, almost all of the girls furniture, most of their toys.....on and on. We sold some and gave away lots.
We had to be at our farewell church dinner at 6:00. And as it quickly approached the people started gathering. There was a major crowd of people sitting there - just watching us load as I methodically got rid of the beautiful things I loved.

We had already downsized - and I wanted to! This parsonage is big and beautiful and has LOTS of room - plus a huge study. But the way things happened I gave away hundreds of dollars of perfectly good, usable stuff. I was pretty strong, I'll tell you, out of necessity. But I remember thinking that I wish just one of you was here to just look at me and know that it was tough. That it would be expensive to replace a lot of it and that it was okay - but just hard. It's not that I mind downsizing more- but it would have been easier to be able to choose what went.

But they fit an UNBELIEVABLE amount of stuff in the truck. You'd all crack up. I took great pains to sort and pack and wrap and make sure there weren't many loose items. But by the end - they were emptying out tubs and cramming things into holes! So we're just going to open the truck door when we get there and jump out of the way! Hope nothing embarrassing falls out. (We're moving in with David's folks for awhile while our house gets fixed up. So all of this stuff is getting stuffed into bags or boxes again and loaded into a bus barn until we move it again into the house. Sounds like fun - wanna come?)

And by the end of the exhausting day, we gathered in the empty kitchen with our aching bodies and had prayer. And I cried with gratefulness. You know, it's all just stuff. I remember my mom saying that as they moved out of our gorgeous childhood home of almost 30 years and sold it all.

And I was overwhelmed at how blessed I am to have so many beautiful things. (I've been tempted to feel guilty for loving a beautiful home - but am learning that it is His beauty printed in us that makes us love beauty.)

And our family! What more could we want or need? I made a goal of keeping a certain amount of outfits for each kid - and am looking forward to less laundry! I have been hungry to learn more about living with an eternal view of possessions (Reading Money, Possessions and Eternity.) The Lord knows how much this girl loves beautiful stuff, and what a slow learner I am. So He just gave me a pop quiz today. I'm thankful. So thankful.

And tomorrow is a new day! We're headed to Mississippi for David's graduation and banquet Fri. and Sat. And we get to stay in a MOTEL!! (A major treat for this little family - Can anyone say "Cartoons"?! How 'bout "kids sleeping with Aunt Tami"?! ) Oh, yeah!

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