Moving Day & Tuesday

by sarahmfry, May 22, 2007
Monday went pretty well. Our caravan started off at about 7:20 - only 20 minutes late. We only had a few incidents - involving carsickness, credit cards and screaming (I won't tell you who was screaming).

Aunt Becky had a delicious supper for us as soon as we pulled into town. We ate and ran. Jody kept my kids while we went around the block to unload the truck. There were a PILE of men there to help! It was a blessing. And so fun to see all the old friends. And as far as I know, nothing too embarrassing fell out. When I went back to pick up the kids, I found them clean and smelling sweet! Thank you, Aunt Becky and Jody!


So now our stuff is safely stashed in the bus barn. (One poor bus gave up its warm bed and is braving the elements for a few weeks.) We're living with the Frys until we finish the house. Today when we left to take the "Big Yellow Truck" back, Kayla wanted to know why.

Me: "Because we're already moved and we don't need it anymore."
Her: "But we're NOT moved. We don't live in that house yet."
Me: Well.....Um.....
Her: "Do we live here?"

So I explained for the thirteen-thousandth time what's going on. She's trying really hard to understand it all - you can actually see her concentrating on it. I tried to explain it as when we stay here for vacation, but that didn't quite work...I'll keep trying. She's getting it.

Today while we were working on the house, she said

"Do you know what color I want to paint my room?"
"What color?"
"Green. Do you know why?"
"Because that's what color my room was in Alabama and I like the color green and since I'm missing it there, maybe if we paint my room green here it will help me not be so sad and miss it so much."

Sweet, huh?

It was great to walk around Frankfort this morning. (I haven't been walking much the last month.) Passing people, wondering if I should greet them in English or Spanish. Opting for English. Figuring I chose wrong after the blank polite smiles. Checking out the native yards - taking notes on what does well in this soil and what's blooming now. Passing the exquisitely beautiful scrap metal plant and being mesmerized by the giant magnet the size of a kitchen table. Being honked and glared at by an impatient blonde who did not find the giant magnet mesmerizing. Seeing a huge jack rabbit that looked like a yard ornament and going closer to make it run - just so I could see its long, hopping body and fuzzy white behind. Giving a typical smalltown Alabama wave to the people I passed on the road and finding that Indianaans are more comfortable with nodding or nothing. Feeling like a silly-smiling-waving Alabama girl.

So it was a full and busy day. And an absolutely gorgeous Indiana night. I took advantage of it to talk to my Abba.

The speaker at David's graduation made a comment about spiritual dryness in ministry. He referred to needing to "dig his well deeper." I'm not sure how it all works, but I think some digging is going on. But when the Lord shines his light on my desperate need for Him, I'm so glad and so thankful and so embarrassed of myself. I just wish I could rent a steam shovel and get it over with. I guess He knows all I can handle right now is a Gerber baby spoon.

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