Laying Down the Rails Comment

by sarahmfry, May 06, 2007
Just for the record - those of you who are considering buying Laying Down the Rails.....

1. It's worth it! I feel myself being stretched, but they give it in little bites that you can handle. I'm loving it. The only irritating thing is the common reference to the "nurse/governess/house maid" common in the Victorian home. Gotta get one of those! If I had one, I would surely have the time to train the bajeebers out of my kids!

2. You may want to consider spending the extra money to get the pre-printed version. I chose the download (mostly because I'm impatient) - and there are some benefits. You can reprint it if you ever need to, store it on a disk, jump to any chapter through the book links, and all that good stuff. But 227 pages is a LOT to print! Before you decide to print your own, look at a new ream of 500 sheets of paper. Then think about printing half of the entire ream for one project! Then make sure you have an extra ink cartrage on hand. Just a thought.

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