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Lists and Schedules

Arrrrggggghhhhh!! I miss my schedule! We are making some wonderful progress, getting the packing and projects done and "painting our way out of the parsonage." But I feel so...lost with out my schedule.

I'm a lists and schedules person. It helps to keep my scattered, noodle, global, leftish brain together. It keeps me focused and gives me positive reinforcement when I get to use that lovely highlighter to mark something else off. I even add things I've already done just so I can highlight them! (Don't roll your eyes. You know you've done it.)

But not everyone loves my lists as much as I. When my mom was here I showed her my list of virtually EVERYTHING I had to do before moving day. She told me later it blew her away...I thought it would help because she could choose from the list. (She totally doesn't need lists, anyway. She's an incredible worker.) And then yesterday, after David finished the last project for school he was ready to pitch in. I was so excited....Okay. Now. Let me walk you around the house and show you where all the projects are, and then come in here and I'll show you this yard sale stuff that needs moved and then come into the kitchen and let me show you the list of what's left to do....Well. Needless to say, he was not impressed with my list.

Hurt and frustrated, I just wanted him to see what was left to do and HOW MUCH PRESSURE I'M UNDER!!! But he calmly explained to me as he walked out the door that my list does NOT help him.

Him: "What does that have to do with what I'm doing right now?"
Me: "Well, nothing...I guess. I just thought it would help you to keep in the back of your mind everything that needs done."
Him: "But I DON'T keep it in the back of my mind. I just want to do one thing at a time."
Me: "Oh. Okay. I understand." (She said pathetically)

I sure married a man.

You've already figured out that I did not get the brilliant wife award on this particular day.

For more on my fettish for schedules, you can visit our website-in-progress.

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Tara said...


I am a total 'lurker' here. I know who you are, but I know you don't know me. We have mutual friends, though, which is how I found you! I just wanted to de-lurk long enough to tell you that I have THOROUGLY enjoyed reading your posts. You are an excellent writer, and often there's good MEAT there! It has fed me. So thank you!

Tara Hickman

p.s. My hubby used to work an insurance route in Brent, when we lived in AL. Good memories there!

~Heather~ said...

Bless your heart...Sorry that you are so overwhelmed with EVERYTHING that has to be done. I'll pray for you! And I'm still praying for your friend that you wrote about yesterday that is having a ROUGH time in life.
I have heard that someone who is left handed and wants to play the violin too, that they should hold it on their left shoulder and hold the bow with their right hand, like normal. Is that correct? Our Sarah is left-handed, and until we find she and Kimberly a violin teacher (who will be teaching violin in Spanish=) I have been sort of coaching her...though I do not know much about the violin. If you would not mind posting a comment on my blog sometime, so I can make sure I'm coaching her right, I'd appreciate it! THANKS!
Love, Heather

David and Sarah Fry said...

Hey, Heather! Didn't mean to sound like I was whining. We're doing great...I just thought our differences were hilarious.

Rob & Deanna Kennedy said...

Last year we had a marriage weekend with my Uncle Butch Heath from Hobe Sound. He made a point that Rob & I, plus lots of couples from church get a kick out of because it is so TRUE!

He said that our Minds are like a dresser. The female mind has a spinning dresser that has 100's of drawers pulled out at once with all the things we have to do, plus things that we are thinking about that are connected to memories we have, etc... :-)
The male mind is a solid stationary dresser in which they only pull one drawer out at a time & cannot focus on something else until that drawer is pushed back in. So....when we can tell they are not listening to us but trying to act like they are it is because the drawer they had out before they got home wasn't pushed back in yet. :-)ha
So, I guess that may be why the list thing doesn't work for David. ;-}

Kimberly N. said...

I will admit to adding things to lists just so I can cross them off:) Good Luck Packin Up (I totally empathize!)

Leanna P. said...

I love list. Undestanding completely. Another illustration is spaghetti and waffles. We women have our minds going in a million directions and men, they are stuck in one liile waffle square at a time. I absolutely cannot imagine.

Tamra said...

I'm totallly with you on having lists. I have a continual list (it seems) in my Daytimer. I take after my mom in that area. I love marking things off...gives such a sense of accomplishment.

Sankey Family said...

I so love lists. They organize, motivate and encourage me. Really. This is another way our husbands are alike (are we up to like 100 now?) During the changes and moves of the past 2 years of my life, my Master Lists and weekly lists and ongoing lists and yard sale lists and more! have been lifesavers for me. Just yesterday I made a list of some kind that I thought was rather brilliant. I showed it to Marc and he just looked at me funny - I think he just wonders sometimes...smiles...
Anyway, I would be VERY impressed with your list and so would many other of us "listies".

Love ya!

~Heather~ said...

Sarah, thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm a "LISTER" too, and yes I have looked at my list, and thought, "NOW I KNOW I'VE GOTTEN MORE DONE THAN THIS TODAY"...so I have added things to my list that I got done, but that weren't on the list, just so I COULD CROSS THEM OUT! (You ain't alone sister! =)
If you ever have time to email me that list of things to help me instruct Sarah with the violin, that would be great. I have some things from Deanna, that she gave me to help with our Kimberly.
dickinsonfam@gmail.com THANKS TONS!
Heather =)

~Heather~ said...

Forgot to add that when we can find a violin teacher to teach our girls, and that teaches violin in Spanish, it will be no problem, for Thank the LORD that my girls know Spanish very well...so it will just be more practice for them. THAT'S GREAT that your kids are learning Spanish too. It's such a blessing to be able to speak, and understand 2 languages. It's a gift from God! =)
Love ya, Heather

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