Poopy Diaper Day

by sarahmfry, April 15, 2007
Oh Girls. I don't want to sound negative. But I'm having a poopy diaper day. I know you've all been there.

I'm home alone for the week with sick kids. David's gone to GBS and IHC on a recruitment trip for the seminary. Caiden has been very sick all week - since we got back from the wedding. He's very weak, and is losing fluids constantly. My aunt is a pediatrics ask-a-nurse, and so I have plenty of information for taking care of him at home. But it requires very frequent, small fluid doses. I've also started him on Lactobacillus to restore balance to his system and the BRAT diet. But he doesn't want to be put down. He's usually a very jolly, belly laughing baby but he can barely muster a smile when I do one of about 30 diaper changes a day. He's usually right on the heels of the girls - tearing things up with vigor. But the only play he can muster now is lightly tapping some pens together.

I'm leading the services this week for David while he's gone. Which usually isn't a big deal to me...unless you've got a baby that is sick at both ends, a 2-year old with the croup and a 4-year old in an asthma episode! HELP!!!

The cup-half-empty side of me is envisioning myself at dragging my 3 kids alone to the ER for Kayla's asthma, Karssa's pheumonia, Caiden's dehydration, and my own ear infection. (Way to think positive, sis!)

My home - which brings me joy and comfort in its peaceful state - is now half-packed. Stacks of packed and unpacked boxes are making my stress level stay unusually high. I feel the pressure of getting some packing done every day, as well as keeping up with the "sick" laundry, normal household tasks and teaching 3 days a week.

Teaching my lessons with 3 munchkins in the house when David is gone is challenging enough even when they're not sick! If these kids don't get well, I don't see how in the world I'm going to give my students their money's worth this week.

Everyone got together today at Mom and Dad's and De and Mark opened their wedding gifts. Without me.

It was pretty hard handing David his lunch and watching him drive away the spiffy red PT Cruiser the seminary rented for him. But I made my decision and I'll live with it, right!? Yes.

I've already sat on the kitchen floor and cried and prayed over Caiden. Now I'd better get something planned for this evening's service. (Oh yeah and do the dishes....)

Thank you for listening. It's great to have girlfriends who just listen. I'm resisting the temptation to only blog the "I'm-so-happy-and-my-life-is-perfect" stuff.

(As I published this, I just realzed the irony of my post title. It's actually a phrase I got from my favorite violin teacher....but it's rather fitting in more than one way today. hee hee.)

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