My Amazing Mother

by sarahmfry, April 28, 2007

I can tell my mom has been here. Kayla just asked me how to spell An TAB ee un (amphibian). This is, I'm sure, in reference to one of my mother's training sessions.

Kayla often asks questions like....."Mommy, can we talk about lying? (or the beginning of the world or some other obscure thought that passes through her 4-year-old brain).

So this time she got the blessing of getting the creation talk from my brilliant mother. She taught her about dinasaurs and amphibians who grow limitlessly larger with age and the firmament and the flood and sickness and how it all ties together. If my mom had access to all the kids in America this world would turn on its head.

My mom made a big sacrifice and came to help me pack for a few days. I'm so spoiled! She can work circles around just about anybody. She caught up all of my special laundry (spots, dry-clean, handwashing), spread about 40 cubic feet of decorative mulch, worked on the gardening, bought me some new flowers, shampooed carpet, took care of a gaggle of kids while I sorted and packed, organized and packed the dreaded storage room, cooked meals, cleaned up poop, gave spankings, read stories, hung blinds and a host of other things.

She flew home Wednesday and had to face her own world and teaching the next morning, but it was such a blessing. Here are some pics.


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