The baby was a stinker from about 4:00am on, so I was looking forward to some quiet time in the dark living room with the sound of the rain and the blue almost-morning.

But I'm a mom.

Kayla joined me as I was having devotions. She couldn't find her own Bible so she borrowed Karissa's. Then Karissa wanted hers back, so she borrowed mine. As she flipped through the 12-year-old pages of my Bible, she said: "The Bible sure says a lot!" I responded,

" tells us everything we need to know about life."

And the wonder of it hit me as my mind flew over the truth of that fact.

His Word has the wisdom I need for today. In principles that define me. In the way it tells me to live. In practical application.

By the moms know how challenging it is to get that closet door closed with early bird kids. Try to meditate with two girls on the couch making indian noises. Smelling mysterious 2-year-old onion breath....Hearing the baby stir.

Oswald Chambers was piercing this morning, and as always, relevant to the moment. He talked about our responsiblity to make disciples. And it hits me first responsibility of discipleship is not first to those people in my second ring of influence, but to the two little sour-cream-and-onion breath indians sitting beside me on the couch.

Kayla asks me what page a certain scripture she memorized is on....and with new clarity my day begins.

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