by sarahmfry, November 29, 2005
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family & friends. Thanks, Mom & Dad, Debbie, Alex, Tami & Davin for spending two days on the road to come see us! It is always such a treat. We had wonderful food, played a few high-powered rounds of Pit, and did some good shopping, too! We're also glad you got a deer, Davin, so now you have to come back to get another one in January. By the way - CONGRATULATIONS on tying the knot, Tami and Davin! We love you, and we loved having you here.

We enjoyed having some friends from church, Winston and Ms. Venola, join us for Thanksgiving. Winston treated us with his famous homeade holiday ham. It is the best we've ever tasted!

Kayla and Karissa did a guitar & piano concert for Grandma and Grandpa Fry. (Kayla was hammin' it up - shamelessly trying to earn shopping money from Grandma. It worked. :)

Sunday included our holiday baskets for the people to end layman appreciation month and an evening "Fry Family" concert for the first Sunday of Advent. (I know -- yippee -- But David told the people it was a treat for them to not have to hear him preach, so we sang instead :) Kayla joined us for Away in a Manger. Thanks to: Mom Wolf for keeping me stocked up on gift basket stuff, Mom Fry for helping get the baskets started, and Dads Fry & Wolf for donating tapes!

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