by sarahmfry, October 31, 2005

We're not too nuts about this time change situation, simply because the sun comes up at our house before it does anywhere else in Alabama! Our room is bright with sunshine BEFORE SIX AM! This, of course wakes the girls up early. Kayla woke up at 5 something this morning and wallered around in our bed until I sent her to her room with some crackers to play. A couple of days ago the girls rose early again. David was still asleep, and I was trying to either sleep more or wake up, I'm not sure which. The girls came down the hall giggling and into our room with their arms stuffed full with homemade rolls. They had found them somewhere in the kitchen and were walking around the house taking a bite out of each one - happy as larks. They disappeared, and the house got strangely quiet. I lay there worrying for a bit, then decided that it was definately a dangerous quiet, so I searched the house and found them in the living room. They were perched happily in their daddy's favorite chair, munching down on an entire bucket of Kidz Klub bubble gum (the big, pink, sticky kind). They were stuffing it in (paper and all for Karissa) as fast as they could. Kayla had acquired quite a wad. You couldn't ask for more - a mouthfull of endless pink bubblegum mixed with yeast rolls.

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