Books & Stories

Audible - Great app for audiobooks that you cant find elsewhere for free.  Membership is $15 per month, but you can buy the books without a membership.  The membership gives you one book credit, so You only need the membership if there are books you want that are more than $15.  Then you can sign up for one month, get the book, then cancel.  A great secret is you can return audiobooks you don't want (not sure if this only works within membership.)

Adventures in Odyssey Club - My kids got this subscription as a gift from Grandma Wolf.  (What a great, clutter-free gift idea!)  We love their stories, I totally trust the content, and one of my kids uses this app as one tool to manage his anxiety brain.

Hoopla - this is great for audiobook and ebooks.  It works through your local library, and saves us tons of money!

Libby - also works through your local library

Budgeting apps we have used and loved:
EveryDollar (Dave Ramsey's budgeting app)
YNAB (You Need a Budget)

We are currently using EveryDollar.  Each app has pros and cons.  Let me know if  you'd like a more thorough review of these.

Devotions/Renewing the Mind/Quiet Time

Switch - an app for renewing your mind. 21 Day Brain Detox

Soultime - beautiful Christian meditations.  Music, Nature sounds, Scripture, etc.  Check it out.  You don't need to purchase premium.  There is a lot available in the free version.  I didn't buy the premium version until I used up the free stuff and realized that the app was a staple for me.

YouVersion Bible App - I use this app for listening through the Bible because it keeps track of my progress and makes it very easy to catch up.

ThinkUp - This is for speaking Truth to your mind!  You can record your own truth statements, scripture, or encouragement.  Then play them back through playlists - listen to truth in your own voice.


Cash App - a really great and easy way to pay people for stuff

Emeals - You can get great coupons through groupon to get this meal planning service half price.  After you choose your meals, it takes you to the grocery pickup service of your choice (I use Walmart pickup) and you can put the items right into your grocery cart and purchase for pickup.  It is revolutionary.

Out of Milk - I use this for my grocery list.  (I am using it less now that I use Walmart pickup, because as I come across items we need, I can add them right to my shopping cart in the Walmart Grocery app.)  But the out of milk app is great and I used it for a long time.


Marco Polo - I love this app!  It is so much easier than texting - I use it to talk to family, friends and for checking in with people from church.

That's enough for now.


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