Topics I have Presented:

The Season of Lent:  Using visual aids and family time to make the Lent Season special

Having a Gratitude Attitude:  The incredible power of living with an attitude of gratefulness.

Celebrating our Sisters, Part 1:  Being real, embracing our uniqueness, understanding our value, accepting our weaknesses, celebrating one another, living in holiness,

Celebrating our Sisters,  Part 2:  Understanding how to deal with insecurities & Expectations

Lessons I've Learned from Teaching
  • Learn to do a little bit consistently.
  • Consistent action can fuel inspiration.
  • We must be purposeful in slowing down.
  • Don't skip the rests. We are so busy serving God, we miss so much of Him.
  • Sometimes the discipline is the issue, not the music. 
  • Do Hard Things – Don’t shy away from the things in your life that are difficult. 
  • Finding rhythm and pacing in our lives
  • Picardy 3rd  it will be okay in the end.  

Teen Girls Weekend Purity Retreat:  
  • Living Like Royalty
  • Modesty:  Understanding why we set boundaries.  (Understanding how guys think.  Where are the boundaries?  How do we set them?  Truth or Bare activities.)
  • Purity:  With all my strength
  • Emotional Purity:  Having a Whole Heart (Understanding that emotional purity is as important as physical purity.  Giving out pieces of our hearts too early and too often effects us for a long time.)
  • Modesty:  With all my mind
  • Surety:  With all my mind (emotional purity, maturity, & wholeness)
  • Pajama Party & Pampering
  • Mom Session
  • Purity Ceremony (final session)

The Faithful God to a Thousand Generations (single session)
  • Rahab – He turns my fear into faith
  • Tamar    - He turns my brokenness into beauty & blessing
  • Ruth – He turns my Insignificance into Identity
  • Bathsheba – He turns my Struggles into Strength
  • Wearing a Robe of righteousness

Great Expectations Preparing for marriage  (single session)
  • Ready:  Become the person you want to be
  • Set:  Having realistic expectations & proper mindsets
  • Go:  Tools & Tips for relationships

The Call to Love

  • Loving God
  • Loving Others
  • Loving Yourself

Living the Life of Holiness:  Theology for teens (Retreat)
  • What?  Having a theology that I can live every day.  Understanding Salvation & Entire Sanctification
  • How?  How to live holy every day
  • Question and answer session
  • Why?   Motivation – wanting to do it in the first place

Let this Mind Be In You (Retreat)

  • Session 1 - Renewing our minds:  How would Jesus Think?
  • Session 2 - Walk as Jesus Walked:  Reclaiming Relationship (gossip, facebook, friendship, mentoring, hurts)
  • Session 3 - Run with Endurance:  Learning to slow down before we burn out

Parenting the Early Years (ages 0-10)

  • My Example
  • My Marriage
  • Training their Minds
  • Training their Hearts
  • Focus on Relationship

Living from Rest

  • Margin
  • Scheduling
  • The power of habit

The power of Influence:  On Mentoring and Leading and Loving the younger generation
  • Why you are more powerful than you think 
  • The Power of What You Believe
  • The Power of what you Say
  • The Power of What you Do

Toolbox for Living: Practical tools for emotional, relational & spiritual health

Understanding & Using your Unique Gifts

Neuroplasticity:  Growing a beautiful brain the biblical way

The Brain:  Depression, Anxiety & Self Care

Renewing the Mind:  Using Scripture to reset your mindset

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