Today Before Tomorrow*

in , , by sarahmfry, March 24, 2019
A thought for today: 

My mind and my heart want to zoom ahead and see the future.  I feel impatience creeping around the edges of my mind and heart.  I like to know what I’m up against…to be able to plan things out and prepare specifically and make lists and dream specifically.

My Mama and I chat about economies and investments and interest rates and I feel so antsy that today is hands-down one of the best times to buy a house for many, many years.  I've seen the wisdom of small, safe financial steps.   I want to take action!  Be proactive!  But God has us happily planted to wait for His new direction.  No new action necessary.  David comes home from long days of research and writing to tell me he has finished another section of his dissertation (another dead guy checked off the list), the end of a long journey getting nearer.  And I want to rap on God's window and remind Him - just in case He's forgotten..It's time!  We're ready....Poised to take the next step of our journey.  Years of praying and listening and waiting. 

But God draws back no magic curtains revealing new roads.  He gives no long-awaited long-term direction.  

He simply reminds me – today – to take care of today.  To be faithful to that specific area He has called me to Come Up in, just this morning.  

 To keep my focus on  keeping our home and creating peace and safety and purposeful teaching and firm diligent training….to maybe just, for right now, focus on finishing the floor-mopping and folding those 10 loads of clean laundry that have been piling up during a week of back-to-back activities.

He reminds me to of how far I have to let Him discipline every area of my own life and mind and time.  To be faithful to the everyday priorities that He has forged in me with such time and care.  To be kind and understanding and real.

He reminds me to prepare in every way I can for this baby boy that is growing inside me.  To pray with diligence and passion for the spiritual protection and strength of my children and husband.  To be a happy and present and discerning and supportive wife.

He reminds me to continue – quietly and faithfully -  in the small bit of outside-the-home work He has given me – to training a handful of young musicians and saying yes to the right amount of small ways that I can reach out to others.  

He reminds me over and over - gently but firmly and faithfully - to learn to find power on my knees.  To be becoming the kind of person that I want my children to be.

Goodness - With THAT list, it boggles the mind that I would even have the energy to THINK about tomorrow!  : )

I believe in dreaming and preparing and looking ahead.  But today, Abba has said to me….

"Silly Sarah - Look to today.  Be steadfast in today.  Let Me take care of tomorrow."

He’s Gentle and Faithful and Wise like that.

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