Summer's End

in , , by sarahmfry, August 20, 2018
And so...just like that...another summer ends.

We get home from church and tumble out of the van to scatter clothes and bodies to rooms all over the house, just to end up again in the kitchen....eating frozen pizza and no-bakes and drinking hot chai tea with ice cubes.  And there are kids scattered diapers and underwear and pjs and church clothes, sitting on counters and climbing on stepstools and laughing and just being.  And we sit and stand and eat and listen and laugh and sing - taking turns choosing songs - from West Side Story to LaCrae to Gummy Bear to God's Property.  And the boys make up a game in the music room while the girls hang out in the kitchen and it is a slow and loud and beautifully quiet way to end a beautiful summer.

And then we settle and pray and read and brush and tuck.  And my heart knows that these are the very best times.


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