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Election 2016

I wasn't all that wound up about this election, to be honest.  I mean I cared, but I wasn't all in a tither about it.

I did find it wearying that people seemed to be distracted by voting for (or against) strong personalities, not the actual political domino reaction that happens after election.

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But that's not what I want to talk about.

My friend called to ask me my reactions after the election.  I told him that my heart is stretching.

I am seeing things...life....this election...more through the eyes of others who aren't just like me these days.  I am seeing more into the hearts of people whom many of us would almost consider enemies.  We roll our eyes or pity them for not seeing things our way or are downright HATEFUL about their life views and choices.

My beautiful friends who would identify with the LGBTQ community, for instance, or the strong people I love and work with from the Latino community. Or the people in my neighborhood who face such different challenges than me. They see the world from a different place.  And I'm hearing them in new ways.  And loving them in new ways.

My job is not to indoctrinate them in all the things they don't have right.  My job is to walk with them.  Talk to them.  Eat with them.

To be honest, growing up in a subculture that tends to be scared to even read a book from another perspective or interact with different and new ideas, this is not what I have found to be the normal reaction to things.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not changing my theology or my beliefs or my convictions.  But I am saying that these "other" people are REAL PEOPLE.  They are hurting and scared and have real reasons that they see things the way they do.

I want God to keep stretching my heart.  To make room for more of the humans.  My boxes are getting bigger.

I want to ask the questions that Jesus would ask.
I want to let Him hold me steady in a rushing river of ideas and beliefs.
I want to walk with others with an open heart.
I want to not think of myself more highly than I ought to think.

And for me, this election has been a potent reminder of all that.

Less ranting.  More loving.

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