New Photobook

by sarahmfry, August 12, 2016

I've been tossing around some plans for how to get all of our pictures into some kind of printed format.  I thought I wanted to do photobooks of everything, and I finally got around to ordering another photo book.  I used the Zno $5.00 facebook offer.  Plus $5.00 shipping, so this gorgeous photo book with thick, stiff layflat pages is coming to me soon for a steal.

 I'm pretty proud of myself for getting one done.  I have two more in the works with two different companies. I am experimenting to see which is my favorite.  I think I've decided to only do digital photobooks of our travels and trips.  And to print 4x6 prints of the rest of our year.  My plan is to try to fit one year in a 500-page photo album.  We'll see how that goes!

Special thanks to Joanna Brown Photography for taking our family pictures last fall!


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