December 22 -- that Christmas feeling

in , , by sarahmfry, January 08, 2016

( Hey! I DID do one post in 2015...i just never published it! Found it in my drafts. Waddyaknow.)

Today was our first free day after all of the church and school events. We slept in, went to the library, went to the dollar tree, watched a movie together, played a game, then watched the grinch.

The fireplace and candles were lit in the living room..soft Christmas music playing on Fred (our chromecast) and it had that peaceful Christmas  feeling. Finally. I rested on the couch by the fire in my pj's and tried out a new relaxation app.

I purposefully ignored most of the housework. We don't have many days at home this year and I realize that if I'm going to have downtime with the kids I'm going to have to do it on purpose. So I only did the dishes and one load of laundry and let the rest be. It was so worth it.


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