Spirit week

by sarahmfry, November 12, 2013

I will admit that by the time spirit weeks are over I am completely ready to return to our normal morning and evening uniform routines without any face paint or hats or costumes or drama.

Today was old English and mustaches day. We had to work With what we had and when you Google old English costumes there is quite a variety. Kayla ended up on the medieval end of things. Whatever. But it is a cool costume I found at a yard sale this summer and she has a great go with the flow attitude.

The other two? Not so much. They care a lot about every single little thing on the planet so there is always drama involved. But after multiple failed outfit attempts...a trip to the shed in the dark and cold...falling through the shed floor....a mama having to check her own attitude multiple times!......finding the costume box in the basement....worries about other kids making fun...talks and training about kindness and comparison and insecurity and just having fun...we finally found some great inspiration photos and landed on a pride and prejudice theme last night for caiden and Karissa. And it was fun...in the end.

And snow to boot!

So here is Darcy...Elizabeth Bennett..their medieval nanny....and our Darcy and elizabeth inspiration photos. It was hard to get good pics in the cold and late state we were in. Karissas cowboy hat looked much more authentic after we readjusted the ribbon after this picture. And caiden washed off his dapper mustache.

and now I am sipping my tripleberry Dunkin donuts coffee and listening to Chris botti. Because I deserve it. I even ate a few chotolate chips this morning. Spirit week will do that to you, you know. And just for the record...if you are ever typing Chris botti on your phone be very vigilant. My phone is completely intent on naming him chris bottom.

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