Indiana Tornadoes

by sarahmfry, November 19, 2013

As predicted Sunday afternoon found us hunkered down in the church basement with friends and neighbors....waiting out the storms and tornados. Amazingly...the church never lost power. Many in our town did. And the devastation in other towns was awful. We were so thankful to safe. When the worst of the storm spiraled through I was actually outside. I had run across the parking lot to the house to get diapers.David ran on across back to thechurxh thinking I was behind him. I had turned around to grab an umbrella before going out into he rain. But by the time I stepped outside it was like an instant had changed everything. It blew in so fast and so strong...spiraling into a whiteout. It was freaky how fast it happened. Some feel like a funnel was passing above us. That night David and I allowed ourselves just for a moment to realize how awful that could have been. We dont take those sirens lightly...we wake up kids abd go to oour basement or the church basement quite often. But the more of these I go tthrough the more serious I take them. Thankful for safety.


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