Great App for devotions!!!

by sarahmfry, November 08, 2013

I am loving my new devotions app!! My friends  Liz stetler and Emily heath told me about it and I've just now got it going this week. Its called youversion. It has lots of different Bible reading plans to choose from. I started With a 3-day plan through Ephesians. It gives you your reading for the day in text or audio or both. I love to listen while i work..or listen and read at the same time to help me concentrate and comprehend with kids around.

It sends you email reminders and even catches you up if you get behind. There is an interactive calendar where you see which days of the month you have completed and can read ahead or catch up.

I'm thinking of asking for a Bluetooth speaker for my phone for Christmas so I can listen easier while i wash dishes and stuff.

It also has lots of topical devotionals to choose from With accompanying Bible reading. And even some video devotionals. Christmas and Easter and discouragement and joy and weight loss devotionals with cooresponding Scripture!  Lots to pick from.

Nothing compares to holding a Book in your hands...espially a well-loved Bible.  But this app is truly what I needed to help me with my neglected devotions. I admit that In my 5-kid world I sometimes rely on devotions-on-the-go and dishwashing/driving prayer. My soul is hungry. This app is like a huge menu in tiny form.

And just for the's some Truth I've been needing to say. Having or not having the prescribed 5-minute to one hour per day "devotions" is not what makes me a Christian...nor does it keep me saved. I am not saved or kept by works. BUT!! My life must be filled With devotion. Sometimes this is a busy tired heart that looks upward through days full of living. Seeking and worshipping and submiting to Him in the moments. Other times it is a steady daily diet of the Word without much emotion or even seemingly new insight. Sometimes it is rich, full chewing of the Word and drinking deeply of His Presence and Truth. All of these things combine to fill the Worshipper's life with Communion and growth. Relationships aren't build on formulas that kept you in or kick you out. This walk with Abba is so very much like Marriage...or actually the other way around. Its a life of daily living and loving...with a steady diet of communication...and hopefully semi-regular dates...and firm commitment...and times of deep intimacy..other times of quiet togetherness. and you get the picture....relationship. Having a prescribed time of disciplined devotions is one of the best things you can do for your living relationship with God. It is not what keeps you saved orkicks you out. We sometimes need to rethink our all-or nothing formulas and embedded ideas about performance and legalism and let our facesturn to him freely and our hearts speak to him Honestly...without checklists. It helps to quit letting guilt defeat us and get busy with the business of Loving Him! Wow. Glad I got that out. :) Back to the app:

Phil vischer is developing a kid version!! We are signed up for notification when it is ready for launch.


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