Daybook: October 1...It's been a long time.

in , by sarahmfry, October 01, 2013
::Outside My Window::
 Overcast, cool day.  Happiness for the first day of October.

::I am Listening to ::
Chris Botti on Spotify.  More happiness.

::I am Thankful For ::
A husband I can trust.  A lunch date today for $1 authentic Mexican tacos.

::I am Pondering ::
How good God is to take hurtful things in our lives and use them to refine us.

:: I am Remembering ::
Cincinnati.  Man, I'm homesick for my hometown.

:: I am looking forward to/Dreaming of ::
My lunch date today. And visiting my sistr

:: Some of what I've been reading::

::From the Kitchen::

::I am Thinking::

::I am Creating::
We pulled out the autumn decorations and set up our Harvest tree last night.  I love it.

:: Towards raising hungry learners::
Been thinking about the power of letting kids explore and learn on their own.  Sometimes instead of hovering over Corin in preschool, it is good to spend a few minutes with him on some activities and then just let him do his thing.  Watching Christian explore his world has reminded me of that.  If kids are hovered over too much, it stunts their development.

::Towards Rhythm and Beauty::
The rhythm of this semester is pretty constant.  It has made me love the days I have at home with no activities planned.

::To Live the Life ::

::I am Hoping and Praying::

:: In the Garden::
My cornstalks keep falling over!  And I have been searching for straw bales in town that are cheaper than Rural King.  So far, no luck.  Think I'll just go by 2.

::Around the House::
Some big projects!  Reorganizing the boys' room (mercy, help us!) and shampooing carpets.

::One of My Favorite Things::
My android phone and apps that are really useful.

::The Kids::
Kayla:  She is still hanging out in the land between kid and teen. But she is more settled in that no-man's land now.  She is thoroughly enjoying what she is learning in volleyball and loves student counsel meetings. She has become excellent at cooking the perfect fried egg.

Karissa:  She is so nurturing, such a little mama.  She is unbelievably attentive to Christian.  She is thrilled to be serving her first term on Student Counsel and is sad that she is too young for the new volleyball requirements.  She cooks a perfectly fried egg, too.  I"m loving it.

Caiden:  He has a very, very tender heart.  He went to the altar multiple times during revival, but without confusion or doubt of his standing with God.  He just wanted to respond to the messages and pray.  He also started writing sermons.  That deserves it's own post.  Mercy-me, he's a crazy boy.  He also has a rotten side that baffles me.  So tender but so stinkin, sometimes I really have to explore the situation to figure out if he needs a spanking or a hug.

Corin:  I am denying the fact that this is his last year home before kindergarten.  Having him around is like having a little hug of gentle sunshine in the room.  He is my only calm child.  I love him.  He loves his preschool games-in-a-bag and he and Christian have a good time together.

Christian:  Absolutely adores playing the piano.  It will calm him down when he's cranky.  If we could figure out a safe way to strap him into a chair and leave him alone in front of the piano to pound, we would!  I'm not having to wear him quite as much lately, he is much more independent.  But he still has to have regular holding sessions.  He crawls, pulls to standing, stands alone and walks a bit while holding on to fingers or furniture.  He still doesn't quite finish a jar of babyfood, but nurses like a pro.  My head is spinning at the thought that he is already 9 months old! 

:: The Man of the House ::
Making great progress on his dissertation...the end is getting nearer.

::A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week::
Today:  Lunch date with David & house projects
Wed:  Teach in the morning, Mentoring/discipleship with a friend in the afternoon, the new Mommy Group in the evening! 
Thurs:  Teach all day (8:30-5:00)
Fri:   Clean house, coffee with friends, prepare for Ireland
Sat:  Drive 10 hours round trip for WOW board meeting in Vermilion, Ohio.

:: Love this Quote! ::

"It is not really rest or even leisure we chase. We strain to renew our capacity for wonder, to shock ourselves into astonishment once again." —Shana Alexander

:: A Picture from our world::


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