Christian - 2 weeks, 5 days


Unknown said…
He is so precious! What a little blessing! Congratulations and may God bless you as you find your "new groove". Raylin Brewster
Kathryn said…
So adorable! That first picture cracks me up coming right after the title- "How DID I get so old?!" Blessings on you and your quiver!
He is adorable!!! Thanks for posting... wish I could see this little bundle of joy! :)
tay said…
What's his middle name?
Anonymous said…
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The Dickinsons said…
Sarah, he's precious. Congrats! I hadn't even heard that he was here safely. Hoping you can make it to IHC so I can see y'all. =)

In Colombia
The Dickinsons said…
Sarah, Heather again! THANK YOU so VERY MUCH for your S.W.E.E.T. comment you left on my blog post..."The Gory details of being a missionary wife." I don't know that I deserve all the wonderful things you said about me, but it surely did WARM my heart! =) You are a dear! Thanks for taking time...when you NEEDED to nap while your ADORABLE Christian leave me that nice comment! =)

We are needing your pastor's phone # and email address. If you get a chance, Could you email me them to me soone? Thanks.


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