Camping at the Mill - June 3 & 4, 2011

by sarahmfry, November 15, 2012
We love Adam's Mill.  We packed up and went camping there with the Johnsons...our Cousins, Co-workers, Friends.  Packing up the goods for 12 people has its moments....and Jody and I laughed about how much work it is to relax. : )   But the memories were definitely worth the making.  Good Times.

Stuff boys should do....Dirt is a Vitamin.

Kyler and David tubed the river and saw an eagle!

Things like this should just happen, sometimes, in life.

Nothing like Campfire Cooking!

God knows how to put together colors and textures that soothe the soul.

Cousins & Flashlights = FUN

Standing at a safe distance watching Daddy tend to the food.

Story time!  Love this shot.  The kids are captivated.  David? Not so much.

In his thinking thoughtful place, I guess.

Rope swinging in early morning pj's....this is the life!

Tired baby Corin

Karissa...just sittin on the bank.

Shaylee giving the rope swing a try


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