Daybook: October 8

::Outside My Window::

Baby, it's COLD outside! The ground was white with frost this morning.  I am loving it.
And....Only 2 dogs instead of 3 in the kennel!  Both of our female Goldens, Maggie (red) and Mollie (white) are in heat.  Maggie is hanging out here with our stud Max and Mollie has been shipped off to our friends' place to hang out with a white stud this week.  If all goes well, we could be having two litters of goldens around the week of December 10th.  Here's hoping our sputtering van engine holds out until then. : )

It might be worth mentioning that our own baby boy - Christian Paul - is due that same week on December the 9th.  Could be a very exciting couple of weeks for us.  I am especially feeling for David, imagining him buzzing back and forth between puppy whelping, tending to 2 newborn litters in the basement, a wife and infant in the hospital, teaching & writing & coaching and taking care of 4 young kids at home.  I am officially making plans to stay in the hospital AS LONG AS POSSIBLE while he irons out all of those details alone.: )  Makes me laugh.  I'd better stock up on Jack's frozen pizza.

::I am Listening to ::
The sounds of a Thomas the tank engine video coming from the other room.

::I am Pondering ::
How I might schedule in more time for blogging.  I have a couple of blog drafts that just need to be finished up and posted.  And lots of other things I want to post.  But I haven't been scheduling it in. 

:: I am Remembering ::
When my kids were younger - and all very young at once.   I am already feeling how quickly these years are slipping by.  My girls are no longer little toddlers with bright striped tights.  They are big girls and won't ever go back!  It makes me want to hurry up and slow down and make some memories today. : )

:: I am looking forward to/Dreaming of ::
Getting my hands on this baby.  Corin and I laid in bed this morning - with Corin's head laying on the Christian bump - and talked about getting to hold and hug and pinch baby Christian when he gets here.

Yesterday I was sitting on the couch and Christian wasn't awake and moving around yet.  A bit later I felt him kicking and said "Christian's awake now!"  Corin came running over...."He's out?!"  I was so sad to have to tell him, no...not yet.

:: Some of what I've been reading::

Simplicity Parenting - I am absolutely loving it.  I got it from the library and it's driving me CRAZY to not be able to mark it up and underline.  It is definitely a keeper and on my wishlist to buy. 
Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids
So far, it has been like a great big giant hug of re-affirmation concerning the life-simplifying-journey I have been on for the last couple of yearsIt also discusses many brain issues and child development issues that are sort of passionate for me.  I dare not get into the details or I will not be able to quit typing.  I hope to do a post about it all soon.

::From the Kitchen::
I am in the mood to try some new recipes.  I get stuck in a rut, and I've learned that's actually a good thing.  We have some simple, basic things that we return to a lot:  things like frozen chicken breasts baked with bottled barbeque sauce or a simple potato/noodle soup.  Tacos or enchiladas. Grilled Cheese.  Skyline.

But for some reason I am in the mood for something new.  Or at least a return to some things I don't make as often.  Maybe it's the cool weather making me want to turn my attention to the kitchen and comfort food.

So today during my desk day I am planning on adding a few ingredients to my shopping list for tomorrow to make something new.

Or not.  The same is good, too.

::I am Thinking::

That I can't wait to see the video of my baby sister Rachelle playing on the stage this weekend at Carnegie Hall in NYC!!  I think she'll be driving back today on the bus with her grad school orchestra.  (Lucky, hard-working little brat.)  : )


::I am Creating::
I finished my autumn "Give Thanks" banner!

And today I am working on this:
Turning a goodwill picture into a large chalkboard for our dining area.  I have painted the primer layer and am giving it some dry time before painting the chalkboard layer.

:: Towards raising hungry learners::
David and I have been having some discussions about having discussions with our kids. : )  We love our Scripture memory system that we use during our evening Family Worship.  But as our Scripture memory has grown, we haven't been making as much time for our "Conversational Catechism."  We both feel we need to make purposeful time to ask them questions about all sorts of spiritual things and just talk about what we believe and why.

So last night we decided to try something a little new: We plan to make Monday evenings our conversational catechism day. We will still do our Scripture notebooks, at least our daily and perhaps weekly scriptures.  But we plan to spend a little less time on memorizing and more time just talking.

We plan to make a list of topics and maybe put them in a jar and let the kids pick out a topic to discuss.  (Similar to Table Topics, I guess, only it will be theology/character/Christian living topics that we have targeted.)  These topics will most likely range from some foundational theological concepts to lifestyle issues to attitudes and kindness to the possible pros and cons of a young kid having an ipod touch in their pocket.  The cool thing about dealing with this stuff with kids is the conversation doesn't need to be long and drawn out.  Sometimes they have input, sometimes they don't.  But even a couple minutes of discussing something can help to shape and clarify their ideas and basic beliefs about things.

I love how our family time has changed with us over the years.  It gives me comfort that as the kids grow older we will just adapt our family worship practices to fit where we are.

::Towards Rhythm and Beauty::

Why does it make me so crazy-happy to finish an organization project?  I apparently don't get out much. This quick job was inspired by seeing the idea of using the little Rubbermaid drawers to organize under a bathroom sink.  I picked up two at Walmart, but my bathroom cabinet isn't deep enough.  But they were just what the doctor ordered under the kitchen sink.  I am happy.  Very, very happy. : )



::To Live the Life ::
Just had a great conversation with a friend about why God is good. He isn't good because He makes things turn out the way we want them.  He is simply good because He Is.  Always.  We have both learned that lesson through some dark times.  She made a powerful statement recently, reflecting on a very deep battle she'd been through.  So many times we had talked, knowing that she needed help, needed healing, needed strength for her days. But yet the trial stayed....long and unspeakably dark.  We prayed that God would give her the things she "needed" to get through the trial.  But many times it seemed she was left alone in the dark and the fire.

She made this statement, and it has run through my mind over and over...."I thought I needed all those things, but what I really needed was to become more Christlike."  This certainly does not discredit that we have real needs in life.  No doubt about it.  But we are both just enjoying the perspective that hard times bring.  You are left with a deep, solid knowledge that doesn't depend on circumstances.

::I am Hoping and Praying::
We have had some HUGE answers to prayers lately.  Still praying for more...

 :: In the Garden::
Had to bring some flowers inside because of the freeze!

 ::Around the House::
Time to get out the winter coats!  We have been doing fine with the spring/fall jackets, but it's time to break out the warm stuff.

 ::One of My Favorite Things::
Ironing hubby's hankies.  It's easy, brainless work.  But I love the crisp little rectangles of the finished product....and knowing that my husband will have one in his pocket on Sunday.

::The Kids::

Kayla (10) & Karissa (8):  I think maybe it's time to have them start fixing some of our meals.  I mean the whole meal.  They have helped in the kitchen for years and both enjoy cooking.  And they often fix easy things for themselves and their siblings on relaxed days (eggs, cereal, baking cookies, ravioli) and help me with meals.  But I need to just take a deep breath soon and pull out of the kitchen and let them do a meal from beginning to end.  I want to do a little brainstorming with them, make a list of the things they are comfortable fixing, then help them make a little checklist for what they need to remember for preparing an entire (but simple) meal.

I may or may not be guilty of being a hovering helicopter mom when it comes to cooking in the kitchen.  Think it's time to un-hover a bit and let them do their thing. And I'm reminding myself that it doesn't matter whose girls are making meals and baking bread when they're six.  This is us.  And we're doing things our way.
Kayla and Karissa with their friend Isabelle (in the center) - all sporting 70's ponytails. : )

Caiden (6):  Going to have to talk to him more about bragging. Sometimes when he makes adult conversation he says things about himself that are downright embarrassing. I'm not sure if he's just being factual and thinking of things to say or if it comes out of a little heart that wants to show off.  Either way, we've got some gentle nudging to do to make him aware.

Corin (3):  I think we're close to being able to do away with the nighttime pullups.  I'm scared to make the switch because I dread the laundry of nighttime accidents. He still doesn't always do his poo in the toilet.  I still haven't cared enough to attack the issue full force.  I would much prefer to let time get him ready than to start spanking and bribing and stressing.  We'll see what happens.  He is making progress in his own time.

Christian (Due Jan 9):  Is due exactly 3 months from tomorrow.  A long time, but if they go as fast as the first 6 months it will fly. 

:: The Man of the House ::
Is absolutely hilarious.  He is a brilliant and elegant man, but sometimes I wish I could share some of his at-home shenanigans.  But alas, I dare not.  He makes me laugh.  A lot.  I feel lucky to be one of the few to see how truly dorky he can be.

David in Zurich, Switzerland

::A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week::

MONDAY:   is my desk day and I'm actually looking forward to it.  My desk area has been pretty ignored lately as I did projects in other parts of the house.  Today I get to attack these piles of papers and books and restore some order.

I am also (tentatively) planning in taking Fall pics of my kids tonight.  I hope it warms up a bit.

TUESDAY:  PTF committee meeting & errands day.

WEDNESDAY:  A  field trip to the Exploration Acres corn maze!  It is a very fun place, full of autumn-ness.

So that means I need to combine my groceries and laundry day on Tuesday since I'll be gone Wednesday.  But the laundry is in good shape and I just did some work in the girls' closet and decluttered their shoes so missing Wednesday's laundry/clothes day shouldn't be a problem.
FCA trip - Exploration Acres - 2009
THURSDAY:  Teaching
FRIDAY:  Home Blessing & Baking for We Care ministry.  David gone to teacher's convention. Kids home - no school!
SATURDAY:  ??Maybe a date??
:: Love this Quote! ::

"Hard things take time to do. Impossible things take a little longer."

Percy Cerutty, an athletics coach in the 1950s and 1960s

:: A Picture from our world::
Anyone have any idea what this is?! : ) (You really don't want to know.)


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