Well, I'm officially pregnant.  Know how I know?  I tried to put my cell phone away in the fridge.  That's the first official sign.  Er - well - maybe the second. 

And I then stopped myself from putting the eggs away in the freezer.  Plus there's the whole nausea and dry heaving and exhaustion and bathroom visits and general pervading worthlessnes.  And preparing myself some garlic fish for lunch today, then after smelling it my body decides it needs a taco salad instead.  Gotta love it.

I am so very glad it is summertime for my kids.  They are already doing awesome summery things like making tents on the exercise equipment, riding bikes, baking yummy goodness, reading lots of books, and spending hours climbing out in the yard.  I love that our yard is a gathering place for neighbor kids and church friends. 

A happy water fight at Grandma Fry's house
My first ob appointment is Friday, and I am so anxious to catch a glimpse of that little blinking light on the ultrasound screen.  I love to hear the heartbeat, but seeing the heart pulsing like a tiny light makes it real for me....and makes all the hanging-over-the-toilet feelings worth it.

An 8-week "Baby Booger"
Caiden has been faithfully and fervently praying for twins, the little stinker.   I seriously cannot even imagine where this body of mine would put 2 babies.  It's ridiculous enough with one - by month nine I am 4'10" x 4'10"!  Hopefully Friday's appointment will give us a head count of how many grape-sized alien/seahorses we are dealing with here.    (The kids are having fun following the development charts of the baby-which-looks-like-an-alien-seahorse.) We recently visited the Science and Industry Museum in Chicago. They have the most amazing exibit of real embryos and fetuses at each stage of development.  It. Is. Incredible.  And such an awesome visual for our kids.  At the time we went, "Baby Booger" was still a secret, so we had fun going through the exhibit as a family and watching how our secret booger was developing.  We named baby Fry #5 "Baby Booger" because - well - it was exactly the size of a booger at the time.  Caiden (5) doesn't like that at all, and doesn't think it sounds nice.  He thinks we should call it "Sibling."  Love that sensitive boy.  He's bonkers.

My sensitive tough-guy

In other baby news, we have a new litter of gorgeous golden retriever puppies (from our red female, Maggie). 

They are growing like crazy. We are expecting their eyes to open soon. The kids love to bring the puppies upstairs and make little houses for them in the living room. Until the pooping starts, then mommy banishes them back down to the basement. Caiden thinks the fat one poops more. Perhaps.

Corin (2) spends so much time with the puppies.  He will go down to the basement and just sit quietly in the dark with Maggie and the puppies.

Corin outside with the 1-day-old puppies
I've always been sortof a sappy soul (don't laugh, good-friends-who've known-me-since-high school). But when I'm pregnant - well.  It can be epic.


I'm actually not really crying about a lot (I'm too busy sleeping and feeling like puking), but I did sorta shed some tears when I went through Caiden's final homework folder from kindergarten. And I'm just crazy about the way Corin's hair is sticking up and flopping in the back after his nap. And my friend who understands first trimesters is bringing us dinner tonight and I am just ridiculously happy about it.

I'd better clear the groceries and laundry detergent ingredients and dishes off the table and make room for that Tollhouse pie she's bringing!!

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