More Frys, Please!

Baby #5 is on the way!  Due around Jan 1.  Happy excitement here, and not too much sickness yet.  Yay.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above...."


Rob and Deanna said…
Congratulations!!!! 5 are lots of fun ;-)
Nelda said…
Congrats! So you gave in and announced it sooner then?
Charity said…
Wow! Congrats!!! Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?

Also, now that you're all healthy ;o), may I suggest the FitMama DVD? I used it up until about 36 weeks with Alex. A great way to stay active with variations for the different stages of pregnancy :o)
Brenda said…
Hooray!!! Congrats to you and so happy for you and your family!
Yay! Congratulations! Five kids are definitely fun!!! :) We have lots of fun around here. :) I hope your pregnancy goes well.
Lisa Messner said…
Congratulations Sarah! That is wonderful! You have such a beautiful family!
Congratulations!! =)
Jennifer said…
So happy for you! I agree with the other sure have beautiful children. :-)
Constance said…
Stephanie said…
Sarah!! Congratulations!!! NOT running the half marathon two weeks ago with David was a dead giveaway. I just KNEW it then! :)

Happy for you guys! Hugs!!
~Regina~ said…
Congratulations, Sarah! Happy for you and your family! :)
Raylin said…
Congratulations! So happy for you!
The Dickinsons said…
Sarah, I've not been on too many blogs here recently, for life has been extremely busy. Tonight I got a few minutes and got to see Liz and Darrel's exciting announcement and when I saw your name I told Phillip, "Sarah's been wanting another baby since our Mary (soon to be 2) was tiny." So, I decided to hop over to your blog to see what was going on in y'all's life. I was sooo HAPPY to see that precious baby #5 is on the way. (I'm sure "Aunt Nelda is beside herself.=) We are THRILLED for y'all! =)
Praying all goes well and that you aren't feeling too icky.
The Dickinsons said…
Forgot to say, LOVED the "More Frys, please!" Really cute! =D


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