Love & Respect for Moms

by sarahmfry, November 14, 2011
I will admit again that sometimes I find myself re-struggling with the balance of love and respect for my career as a homekeeper/wife/mother.  I do love it.  I do respect it.  But I sometimes have to remind myself -- when more degrees and fulfilling opportunities blink temptingly at me -- that I have chosen this particular career/ministry ON PURPOSE.  Not because I'm stuck with a bunch of  "oops" children and can't afford childcare. (David and I both almost chose careers where paying for a full-time nanny could have been normal part of our world.)  But because we have planned and embraced and accepted family as our biggest ministry in life.  Period.  I really love the way this blogger communicates the balance we need as full-time moms. (This not a rant on mothers working or on using hired help...I say bring on the hired help if you can afford it. : )

I just simply needed to hear this today

I am also excited about the blog where I found it.  And the book this blogger wrote, which is on my rather-extensive-and-ever-growing book wishlist.

I love it when I find someone who elevates homekeeping to the place of honor and purpose that it deserves.  And so.....ONWARD! FORWARD!  I will put those groceries away and get on with today's list with fresh focus.


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