Finishing up May Pictures

by sarahmfry, November 28, 2011
Last year I decided to try "slurping" my blog into an annual blog book.  Well...I never did get 2010 ordered, but it is sitting in a file waiting for a few last changes and a click to be ordered. (Pretty sure the Christmas money I was going to use to buy it got spent on something else. : )  Now I'm thinking ahead to ordering my 2011 blog book.  I have been more purposeful this year about briefly but consistently journaling our life so that my 2011 blog book would be a good memory-keeper. I may decide to order 2010 as a "practice" book to see if I love the quality and the overall process with the company I'm using (  If I'm not crazy about the product-for-price ratio, I may shop around. 

So it is quite possible that over the next couple of months you will see some additional random photos from months ago as I go through my digital folders and blog what I've missed.

I organize my photos into folders by year and month.  Then I go through each month and organize and label new folders according to each date, event or subject.  Then when I blog that folder, I mark the folder title with a "B."  That way, I can go into "May," for instance, and see at an easy glance that there are one or two folders that I haven't blogged yet. It also makes it easy for me to find a photo from way back that I might need for a project or whatever.  We also back up our photos on a 1-Terabyte external hard drive.  It's about the size of an 8-track and is easily portable in its little case.  We love it.

So now, without further ado:   some random May tidbits.

Caiden was my workin-buddy.  We put up my new under-the-cabinet ipod dock!

Caiden - with his cousin and bestie Kendrick.  They are climbing the walls. : )

More projects - the kids worked hard helping me put together some new organizational cabinets for the boys' room.
School's Out!  We celebrated the last day of school.  David and the kids played ball in the backyard.

Then we ate cake!

The extra  boy on the right  is our neighbor, Christopher.

Ah summer....lots of time for reading!!

This poor baby got a busted lip.  Can't even remember how now, but I didn't even scrub his mouth too hard. Just let him fall asleep with dirt and all.  It was a wowzer.  It's almost December and he still has a big scar on his upper lip.

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