Finally....My 2010 Blog book!

by sarahmfry, November 28, 2011

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(You can click the 4-arrow icon in the bottom right corner to browse the book in full screen mode.)  I hope it doesn't lock up anyone's computer.  It's pretty image intensive.  I have a fast computer and it takes awhile to view, even on mine.

One thing that was keeping me from buying my 2010 blog book was perfectionism.  After Blurb slurps all of your blog post text and pictures into a book, you can rearrange things so that they look more attractive and take up more/less space.  You can of course change layouts, text options, picture sizes, etc.  I decided to quit being so worried about getting it all right and just finally get it done.  So it's not perfect.  But that's okay.  I was even brave and put it in my cart to checkout!  I'm currently waiting on a little customer support for a groupon coupon I purchased.  Can't wait to see the final copy!  This is currently the only format of photo albums or scrapbooking that I do.  We don't even usually print our pictures, but view them electronically.  So I ordered the big 12x12 hardback coffee table book.  I'm absolutely positive there are things that I want to change about it.  But I could change things until 2015 if I'd let myself.  So I just did it and I'm done.  Feels good.  Can't wait to see it!


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