Devil Beating You Up? Read This...

I really don't even have time this busy morning to be reading blogs, but I decided to zoom through the latest posts while I drank my Starbucks coffee sent to me by my wonderful, thoughtful friend...  But I'm oh-so-glad I did.....Maybe it will help you too.

Guilt or Motivation?


Charity said…
Really enjoyed this article- thanks for sharing it, Sarah! The Devil really is a sly ole' fox, isn't he? Wicked and a liar to the core! He's been busy around here recently, speaking into the minds of my family. This article reminded me again of his motives and our strength through the Sword of the Spirit and prayer.
The Dickinsons said…

Very Good!

Come visit me in Argentina and bring your camera. I just posted fun b-day pics on my blog that Phillip took of me near my home here in Buenos Aires, Arg. This is a cameraman/lady's "Heaven". =)

Thanks for posting that encouraging and challenging link! Blessings!

Link Within..

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