Her name is Polly

This, my friends, is a Giraffe/Pregnant Dragonfly.  Or maybe it's a sunflower-making machine.  They aren't really sure.

Didn't want to leave him out.  We have no idea what this is.  Silliness abounds this morning.


The Dickinsons said…
Cute. Do the artists take after their Mom or their Dad? =) My Phillip is an artist (you might remember the beautiful picture he drew of me for my engagement gift) so thus when I try to draw he makes comments like: "Oh, Heather, is that all the better you can draw? That makes me so sad!" I tell him..."That's OK...don't feel badly...just go and play me a song on the piano." (Then he realizes that not all of us have the same talents. I can't draw well, but neither can he play the piano. Hee! Hee! =D)
Have a super duper weekend.

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