Caiden's 5th Birthday -- Family Cookout (May 29)

by sarahmfry, August 28, 2011
All of our birthdays are in the summer - Caiden's birthday kicks off the summer birthday season on May 31 and mine wraps it up on Aug. 16.  We often have a family party and a friend party for the kids.  This year we had a cookout at Grandma and Grandpa Fry's house with family and friends.

Uncle Davin is the Barbeque King!

We did a lot of laughing that evening

Anyone who has lived in Frankfort for awhile has seen this bike pass them on the street.
Raymond Graves just happened to ride by and stopped in for a visit......He told story after story.

Did I mention we laughed a lot? The laughter was uproarious.  That really is the best word.


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