Thoughts on my new system

by sarahmfry, June 10, 2011
Yes - I'm still blogging my April pictures!  I have a new system for blogging our memories, and I have mixed feelings about it.  I organize my pictures into year -- month, then within each month I categorize the pictures by event and name each folder by the event or activity.  When I have blogged that folder, I mark it.  So I can easily look through each month of 2011 and see which pictures I have blogged and which I haven't.  The good thing about this system is it's a system. And almost any system will work if you work the system consistently.  I love having my pictures organized, having them backed up on my external 1-Terabyte hard drive, and knowing which pictures have been blogged ("scrapbooked") and which haven't.

The things I don't like about my new system?  I find I am blogging much more of our memories (which I love), but much less of my thoughts (perhaps that isn't a bad thing?)  On one hand, I will be able to look back through my 2011 blog book and have a pretty complete memory book of our year.  But with the limited allotted blogging time in my schedule, and when I just simply don't get to it, I am not taking the time to blog when a deep or brilliant or utterly useless thought shimmies across my brain. 

Another thing I'm  not liking is that it fosters a habit that I'm working on in other keeps me always feeling like I have to "catch up" instead of being satisfied with just focusing on the tasks of today.  There is a balance (and that is one of those unwritten posts), but I find myself thinking I have to catch up on April and May before I can begin blogging June.  Thus I am kept in a "always behind" cycle.  This is deep doo-doo, but I'm working on it. 

But at this point I'm not really willing to give up my new system. I like my new system.  I realize that it may make for a rather boring blog, because it is full of lots more of our daily family stuff.   But that's what I love about blogs. People only come because they want to, so no one can complain about what I put in my own little personal corner of the www. 

That said, I am almost through blogging April pictures!  And June is full, full, full of fun things I want to record!  But we're so busy doing things (and taking pictures of them), I'm not taking enough time to record as we go.  I think I need to build a very solid chunk of blog time right into my schedule, instead of letting it just happen randomly.

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