Spring Break at the Cabin (#5) - Wednesday, 3/30


Corin watches Daddy put on the first coat in the girls' bedroom...

The master bedroom painted....these pictures don't do the color justice, of course.  Everybody always says that because its true! The color is creamy & warm but clean.   It is flexible if we ever decide to change our decorating themes...And it changes moods with the natural light.  Love it!

We pulled up the bedroom rug, swept and vacuumed and primed the floor

I had been collecting cabin & lodge decorations for probably a year.

David and I had so much fun keeping our eyes open for Goodwill and Yard Sale bargains that fit our decorating themes!

We loved how the master bedroom floor turned out!

David painted himself out of the master bedroom, then we had to let it sit overnight before moving the furniture back in and decorating!


Deanna Mander said…
Oh my, such memories! Loved the re-decorating! Will miss the holly hobby wall paper!.... but won't miss the racoons in the hallway! yikes!
love you!
Juwah said…
Can't wait to see the finished product. Lots and lots of hard work, but such happy moments when it's all done(actually, the hard work can have their happy moments too).
The Dickinsons said…
Enjoyed seeing all the pics of y'all's cabin! Looks like a lot of fun! Can't wait to see when it's done!
Thanks for your nice comment on my post about "Ignore the house, but enjoy the food". I enjoyed your talk at Building for Keeps" service at IHC. We laughed at you saying "Crunchy floors." =D
I had pretty much spoken on what you did to our Mothers here last year, but was asked to speak again. So I went over the points you used and used the ones that Sis. Rundell used as well. =) I especially liked what you said about us working with "Wet sand!" So true!
Have a great night!
~Heather~ =)

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