On Tuesday we sanded and primed.....

More Family Graffiti (1984)

We sanded.....

and sanded....


Finally....priming!  I love that stage - that's when hope dawns new upon the horizon.  You can see progress!

The cabin's the perfect place to take a nap...

......after a cozy snack

I'd like to introduce you to John.  John Deer.  That's his name, thanks to Caiden!  During the naming process, I actually considered Jane or something similar.  Then I remembered that she had antlers.  Oops.
We were glad to have all the naughty dogs back.  They LOVE the cabin (and all the acreage!)

 Tuesday night we decided to drive the 45 minutes to Mom and Dad's for showers - to wash the sanding dust out of our hair.  Being brave and outdoorsy is all well and good, but sleeping in drywall dust is not our idea of fun.  And a sponge bath wouldn't quite cut it....we were WHITE from head to toe!!  We had a very refreshing shower-visit to mom and dad's (they were in Kansas), then headed back to the cabin all clean and shiny.

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