IHC 2011

 April 26-28, 2011

I love IHC!
It was hilarious - the Fry kids and the Johnson kids see each other almost every single day of their lives (they go to church and school together and play at each other's houses every chance they get!).  But when they saw each other the first time at IHC they cheered and squealed and hugged like they hadn't seen each other all year.  Goofy kids.

I'm getting just the teeniest bit concerned about Corin's uncanny knack for finding and befriending cute little girls in social situations.  He has a good eye and he's a charmer, let me tell ya. He's a chick magnet.

After three days of being lords and ladies and walking nice and talking quiet and sitting still and staying close to mommy and "Shhh!" in the hotel and "Shhh!" in church and "Pay attention!" on the escalators...by the time Thursday night rolled around, they were ready for a little free play.  We ended up staying pretty late after the service Thursday night, visiting with our friends the Watters while our kids enjoyed some free time.

Breakfast:  IHC style!    Eating out with a family of 6 adds up quick...even at Arbys!  We saved a lot of money by eating several meals in our room.
Did I mention that I love IHC? See you next year!


greg said…
Boy, do these scenes ever look familiar...especially kids sitting around the cooler eating breakfast! :) IHC seemed extra wonderful to me this year. I think the kids being older had a lot to do with it. This momma was able to enjoy! You did a great job with your segment of the Building for Keeps service. Thanks for your encouragement and insight!
Stephanie said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephanie said…
Well, "Greg" is definitely not a "momma", and I didn't realize that I was signed in as him! :)

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