Cabin Work Day - March 19

by sarahmfry, May 03, 2011
 The weekend before Spring break, the kids and I met my dad at the cabin to do some work projects.

It was so good to stick my hands back down in that tough Indiana clay.  I distinctly remember hauling 5-gallon buckets of this heavy clay out of a pit under the house when I was a very young child.  Probably broke every child labor law, but it made us tough!

We did some cleaning and Dad started a bonfire

I love how you can see up our hill when the trees are naked

If you look close enough I think you can see Dad with his tongue between his teeth as he gets our van to the top of the hill for me - a daredevilish ride that still terrifies me silly.

Quiet.  Country.  Green.  Ahh.

The kids and I listened to lots of the Chronicles of Narnia on that trip!  And I was rather proud of myself for hauling our trailer and 4 kids alone on our 6-hour round trip without event or trauma.  I even discovered that I'm a pretty amazing trailer-backer-upper, which is really quite astounding considering my ability to crash our two vans together in my own driveway!    Oops...David doesn't know that yet.

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