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Valentines Day 2011

 The girls enjoyed the rare occasion to get to wear PINK to school on Valentines Day!

David forgot to take the camera to school to get pictures.....They came home from school just absolutely thrilled to have their picture taken.

Did I mention they were thrilled?



Karissa made a lovely Garden Castle for her Valentine box

And Kayla's was a...Dragon?  Sea Monster?  Can't remember.  I'm pretty sure it was a dragon.
And the kids and I made a dark chocolate Valentine cake for Sunday Dinner.  The making of this icing with the help of three kids was a very.....chocolaty...experience.  But oh, was it ever delicious.

A random pic of my Valentine buddy-boy.  He makes my heart go pitter-pat

Rob and Deanna said...

These faces are Hysterical! LOL Much better than "Perfectly" posed pictures. :-)

Liz said...

I think the pictures were perfect :>) Loved the faces too.

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