I've had it on my calendar, but forgot on my errands day last week to buy a few things we need for our Passover Seder (basically a special supper) tonight.  I ran to the store and picked up the items I didn't have in the kitchen:  a leg of lamb roast, apples, crackers (they didn't have matza), and parsley. 

I like to include the basic elements of a Passover Seder, but also make it a yummy meal that our family enjoys.  So....the lamb roast is in the crockpot with some potatoes and carrots, a pumpkin pie is baking in the oven, the eggs are boiling, I'm peeling potatoes and getting ready to make our version of Charoset and the challah bread is mixing up in the bread machine. I'm trying to get as much done as I can early so that I can get the dishes washed up and get on with the things I need to do to day...

I am actually toying with the idea of having our passover seder on the floor (reclining symbolizes the freedom).  Not sure if I'm brave enough to try that with this bunch yet.   There's the whole matter of where to put the table?  And I'm quite certain drinking grapejuice and eating mashed potatoes on the living room carpet is NOT an option. But I have a feeling the kids would really love the idea of lounging on cushions for this meal.  We'll see.

I look forward to someday inviting guests for our passover seders when we have room to entertain again.  Grinning at the thought of how guests would react to arrive and find no table, but a cloth and cushions on the floor.  I think I'm warped.

I'm also brainstorming about ideas to maybe have the kids act out the passover in a little skit or some other kind of "active" learning to make some of the meanings of the season more real to all of us.  Whatever we do needs to have easy and quick prep.  Maybe we'll just do an impromptu skit.

A few scenes from last year:


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