New Domain Name

Thought I'd mention something -  just in case your links to my blog start acting up.  I needed to create a new, shorter domain name for my blog for use in some upcoming speaking.

The new blog address is:

The old name - should still redirect, but it may a take a little while for the change to be completed and smooth.  You should not need to change your links, it should automatically redirect after the change is complete.

Hope this doesn't cause any major disasters.


The Dickinsons said…
Sarah, your comment on my blog about the mold and asthma encouraged my heart! I know that the mold had to bring all of this on with Elijah, for he has never had trouble like this before! Glad to know that y'all faced smiliar circumstances. Did y'all have to get rid of your wooden furniture, or did washing it clean it? We have read/heard that Peroxide removes and kills mold, so we have been washing our furniture with that!
Thanks for your hug and your prayers!

I love the pic at the top of your blog. I'm assuming it's Ireland?

Love ya!
sarahmfry said…
Yes, Heather - the picture is the view across from my sister's house in Ireland!

I used bleach to wash things down. (Seems like gallons!)And a regular disinfectant/mold-killing spray. It gave me headaches - kindof scary to be breathing all that in...

I don't think we got rid of any furniture. The bleach and spray seemed to cut it. (Come to think of it, we still have some of that furniture and it seems fine!) But we didn't stay there terribly long after that summer, so we didn't give it much chance to show itself again. We kept paying our lease but quit living there soon after.

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